"The Ch’arki is incredibly flavorful with a little bit of spice and a little bit of sweet. I was surprised when I looked at the ingredients and saw so few. I expected there to be a long list of ingredients to equal the flavor the product produces!"
- Jeff K.

"The great flavor might also have to do with the process they use to make the Ch’arki. Whatever it is, it is really good!"
- Sara L.

"The lamb flavor comes through subtly and is not overpowering at all!"
- Cody S.

"I eat one Ch'arki jerky every morning. Packed with protein. Feeling good!!!!"
- Debbie W.

"It can be hard to come by gluten free snacks that aren't heavily processed or filled with bad for you ingredients and preservatives. That is why I like this product so much!"
- Flourless Betty

"The best lamb I've ever had!"
- Lydia A.

"I've never heard of gourmet jerky before. This stuff is great!"
- Tom C.

"Hello folks of Ranchline, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your incredible customer service and second to none products. I recently ordered from Groupon in Santa Fe and quickly received and devoured your great cuts of meat! ...and your customer service is as good as your product. Thanks for all you do."
- Amanda M.

"Amazeballs jerky!!!"
- Andrea F.

"I live in Montana and grill top-quality meats several times a week, and the Ranchline All Natural lamb was nothing short of outstanding. Tender, juicy -- the whole family thought it was great!"
- David