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About Ranchline All Natural

Our family of ranches are home to some of the finest working livestock facilities in the United States. The Wild West presents itself in all areas of the countryside with bunk houses, barns, pens and outbuildings that seem to have stepped out of the 1800’s. 

The more modern day facilities are ideally positioned with the latest lodging facilities with the natural back-drop of endless acres of grazing land and scenic mountain vistas. 

The natural setting and legendary heritage of our ranches lend compelling ambiance, and is uniquely New Mexico. 

The Ranches are located in the foothills of the Sacramento Mountains 45 miles northwest of Artesia, New Mexico, and south of Roswell, New Mexico, on a tract of over 250,000 acres;
right in the middle of Billy the Kid Country!

Husbandry Standards

Our mission is to produce premium quality, all-natural lamb. To achieve this goal, the ranch abides by a strict code of husbandry principles and practices. The families that run the ranches believe that the quality of the meat is improved by the all natural environment and the gentle management of the animals.  Ranchline lambs are fed the finest feeds, are treated humanely, are void of growth stimulants, hormones and antibiotics. As stewards of the land, we understand our daily actions create a sustainable resource with a multitude of possibilities.

All Natural Lamb

Our lambs graze on the natural grasses of the ranch. The genetics and controlled feeding regimen give the lamb meat a tender texture and mild, yet rich flavor. This is gourmet lamb of the highest quality.